Sascha Martin's Time Machine: The Storyboard Develops

Well we're certainly storyboarding in earnest now for Sascha Martin's Time Machine.

The files are flying back and forth between Sydney and Sant'Antioco.


Sascha Martin's Time Machine pages-8-and-9-350


As destruction rains down on the classroom, Mary-Alice Cooper sees her opportunity. This is a development of Manuela's sketch that I included with the post on August 28.

Sascha Martin's Time Machine pages-12-and-13-350


Aggie discovers the jarring difference between academic knowledge and real life field research. But it doesn't deter her from sharing what she knows.

Sascha Martin's Time Machine pages-16-and-17-350


Safe for the moment, Mary-Alice does what she does best, as Sascha struggles to fix the settings on his Time Machine.

Sascha Martin's Time Machine pages-24-and-25-350

Sascha Martin's Time Machine pages-38-and-39-350



Sascha's efforts are to no avail. Chaos, panic and destruction engulf the school.


And order is restored at last ... or is it?

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